Download Christmas Software

We have searched the Web for the best Christmas software.  Here is the best of the Web.  Merry Christmas!

Santa's Secret Valley
Santa's Secret Valley by AHA! Software
A fun Christmas adventure to rescue Santa's magic items. Has puzzles, music and a Christmas quiz. Ages 4+
Virtual Christmas Tree
Virtual Christmas Tree by MediaArt Multimedia
Decorate a virtual Christmas tree while you listen to Christmas carols. This beautiful virtual Christmas tree will appeal to the whole family. Ages 3+
I Live At Santa's House
I Live At Santa's House by AHA! Software
In this game you are an elf living in Santa's house at the North Pole. This is one of the best Christmas games around with a lot of fun activities like testing toys, baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree and many more! Ages 3+
All Aboard For Santa
All Aboard For Santa by AHA! Software
Santa's boat was found washed ashore and empty except for his pet monkey. Using Santa's boat, you set sail to try and find him!. Ages 5+

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