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We have searched the Web for the best Christmas software.  Here is the best of the Web.  Merry Christmas!


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X-Mas Tree by MediaArt Multimedia
Decorate a 3D Christmas tree while you listen to carols. Don't drop the decorations though... they break!   The beautiful graphics will appeal to the whole family. Ages 4 and up.

Requires:   Windows 95/98/NT and DirectX 5 or later.
Download Software NOW (4.0 Mb)


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I Live At Santa's House by AHA! Software
See life through the eyes of an elf living in Santa's house at the North Pole.   This is one of the very best Christmas games around, with appealing graphics and engaging activities.  Kids will love testing toys, baking cookies, decorating the Christmas tree and more.  Ages 3 to 7.

Requires:   Windows 3.x/95/98/NT, 386 or better, 8 Mb RAM, 6 Mb hard disk space, 256 colors, sound card recommended.
Download Software NOW (3.0 Mb)


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X-Mas Fred by The Programmer's Network
A scruffy Santa wanders around your desktop, plays the piano and gets up to other mischief.  Adults and kids will enjoy this one.

Requires:   Windows 3.x/ 95/98/NT, 8 Mb RAM, sound card.
Download Software NOW (300 Kb)


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The Project Gutenberg E-Text of A Christmas Carol
Read the famous work by Charles Dickens.  Text format.

Requires:  Just a computer!
Download Text File NOW (72 Kb)


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Christmas Tetris by Jose Machado
A tetris clone with a Christmas theme.  Neat graphics and fun for everyone aged 6 and up.

Requires:   DOS.
Download Software NOW (425 Kb)


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Christmas Cards 98 by Michael Bevin
A simple program that helps you create E-cards for Christmas.  Ages 6 and up.

Requires:   Windows 95/98/NT, 486 DX or better, sound card, 16-bit color.
Download Software NOW (739 Kb)


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Christmas Wallpaper by The Graphics Depot
Ten colorful Christmas wallpapers to add to your desktop.

Requires:   Windows 95/98/NT.
Download Wallpaper NOW (514 Kb)


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Crystal's Christmas Tree by Dr Computer
Decorate the  Christmas tree.  You can add paint to the decorations.   A human voice provides guidance for little decorators.  Ages 3 to 7.

Requires:   Windows 3.x, Visual Basic 3 Runtime Module.
Download Software NOW (753 Kb)


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Santa's Secret Valley by AHA! Software
A light-hearted graphical adventure with a Christmas theme.  The aim is to rescue Santa's magic items.  Includes puzzles, a Christmas trivia quiz and music. Ages 5 to 10.

Requires:   Windows 95/98/NT, 486 or better, 8 Mb RAM, 9 Mb hard disk space, minimum 256 colors, sound card.
Download Software NOW (4.6 Mb)


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