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Arts and crafts

Here are some arts and crafts activities to amuse
preschool and grade school children.

*  Paper lantern
*  Mexican piñata
*  Papier mache clown
*  Papier mache space helmet
*  Make your own checkerboard (paper weaving)
*  Fish mobile
*  Fingerprint fun
*  Cut-out surprise
*  Teddy bears holding hands
*  Painting egg shells
*  Tennis ball painting
*  Marble effect picture dipping
*  Vegetable prints
*  Butterfly blob picture
*  Crayon texture pictures
*  Crayon resist pictures
*  Crayon Technicolor surprise
*  Melted crayon peels
*  Popsicle stick treasure box
*  Home-made clay
*  Colorful  clay mobile
*  Playdough recipe
*  Papier mache glue
*  Ice candles
*  Pasta necklace
*  Food tin walkie talkie
*  Rubber band guitar


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