Black and red checkerboard


You will need:

What to do:

  1. Fold one colored piece of paper in half and then cut six slits into the paper from the folded edge to, say, 2cm from the other side (see picture).  Space the slits out evenly across the paper.
         lantern2.gif (1189 bytes)
  2. Cut the second piece of paper into ten strips of the same size.  Throw away two of the strips, you only need eight.
  3. Unfold the first sheet of paper.  Weave the paper strips through the slits one at a time from left to right.  Weave over and under the slits.  If you started by weaving the first strip over the first slit, weave the second strip under the first slit, the third strip over the first slit, and so on.  This will create a checkerboard effect.
  4. When you have woven all eight strips through the paper, straighten them up.  Turn the checkerboard over.  Place strips of scotch tape along the left and right sides of the checkerboard to hold the strips in place.
  5. Turn the checkerboard right side up and glue or tape it onto your piece of cardboard.
  6. You can use coins of two different sizes for the pieces, or cut out small pieces of paper or cardboard and color them in two different colors to make a set of checkers for each player.